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Welcome Authorized IBM
Business Partners

Staples Promotional Products is pleased to offer IBM Business Partners the same prices, production minimums, product safety and environmental assurances on promotional merchandise that IBM receives. You don’t have to use the IBM logo or the IBM Business Partner logo to take advantage of IBM’s preferred pricing to qualify for this offer.

We’re dedicated to helping you meet your marketing and promotional needs. The product ideas that you’ll find when you click the Idea Book are designed to give you some idea of the merchandise available to you to build your brand. You’ll have access to virtually thousands of promotional merchandise items. If you need additional ideas, have questions or would like to place an order, click on the “Special order” button below.

If you have needs outside of the US, click here for a link to our global identity network partner list, choose a country and contact the Special Order team at the number listed on the country page.

Idea book

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